Façade is the exterior side of any building or structure. It can be made from different materials such as stucco, brick masonry, stainless steel, aluminum panels, vinyl siding, or natural stone (limestone, granite, marble, travertine).

 Why should you keep the exterior of your property in good condition?

Pressure washingFirst, overtime dust and air contamination can settle on the surface, affecting the original color, and leaving dirty run-off marks and stains. It’s probably not the best representation of your neighborhood, especially if you want to invite guests, tenants or potential buyers to your property.

Second, in the long run dust and air pollution can cause irremovable staining on the building exterior and significantly restrict vapor permeability, which can negatively affect the integrity of the material, and lead to cracking and the appearance of mold. 

Third, dust and residual air pollutants that have settled on the exterior of your home can cause allergic reactions and other possible health problems.

The solution is to have building’s exterior cleaned at least 1-2 times a year. Then closer you live to city environment, construction, major roads or industrial facilities then more often exterior your property needs to be cleaned. 


Dust can be anything from small particles of material, to pollen, sand or soil that have been brought in by wind, cars or construction processes. Dust settles on the surface evenly, but after rain or high moisture days it appears in dirty run-offs under ledges, windows, and frames. It also dims the original color of the exterior.

Air pollution results in a thin layer of dirt and grime on the exterior surfaces of buildings and can be caused by exhaust from cars in heavy traffic areas or soot from factories in areas of industry. 

Oxidation or Corrosion can occur on all types of metal surfaces and stainless steel, resulting in unsightly rust stains, especially in areas exposed to the heavy salt air.  Even anodized aluminum, which has been treated to be harder and less resistant to corrosion, is at risk due to microscopic fissures in which water and debris can seep.   

Efflorescence occurs when water penetrates a porous material, such as brick or limestone, and then it dissolves salt in construction materials (cement, mortar). As it evaporates, it leaves the salt on a surface. Often this salt reacts with air forming insoluble residue that can be removed simply by chemical cleaning.


Sponge & Squeegee- is best used on smooth surfaces like metal (stainless steel, aluminum) or marble tiles, which can be washed down, and the subsequently wiped clean. It works mostly for large tiles and is effective against dust and air pollution.

De-ionized water with brush cleaning is also efficient for smooth surfaces like metal or marble tiles. It helps to clean even small tiles without dirty run-off and hard water spots.  Also, a water-fed pole that can extend up to 60 ft can be utilized to reach remote areas.

Pressure Washing is most effective for rough surfaces comprised of non-porous materials, like stucco.  It should not be used on porous materials such as travertine, lime or brick, or any other type of siding such as metal tiles where seams or gaps are present because it can drive water inside the gaps causing dirty run-off and possible leaks. 

Metal polish is used mostly for cleaning stainless steel.  Applying specialized polishing product and consecutively rubbing it off can remove most superficial stains.

Brushing is a dry cleaning method used in conjunction with specific cleaning products to minimize possibility of water penetration on different types of porous materials.

Chemical treatment must be used on efflorescence, salt and difficult stains where it’s necessary to remove insoluble deposits.  For example, an acid would be used to remove efflorescence, after which an alkali would be applied to neutralize the acid.

The experts at Titans Cleaning have experience with removing all types of staining and contamination and are well equipped to tackle even the most persistent exterior façade cleaning jobs.  At Titans Cleaning, our main goal is to provide the most premiere service by combining our knowledge and expertise with the most current techniques in the field, to utilize time and resources efficiently, and leave you with a job well done at an affordable cost.

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